Everything goes

This is a physical narrative of my journey to Antartica. It is a permanent memorial to a loss we seem incapable of stopping. Memorial of beautiful substance such as ice. “Given that Iceland lost its first glacier to climate change last month, we should translate our climate knowladge to climate actions.”    

The appreciation of beauty

Small things matter, as with climbing. Never giving up-fall down, get back up, and carry on. Just like rock climbing. It is a constant process. I think that the world si beautiful and that it can be saved by the appreciation of beauty. To notice the beauty around us is important. Different people are facing…


“an invitation to disappear” Tambora. Volcano that caused so many dramatic climate changes and disturbed weather patterns for years to come. That was a long time ago. Now, Tambora is covered by another dark cloud. A cloud of our contemporary climate crisis. Amid burning forest that provide our oxygen and clean our air from carbon…

Conveyor belt

The global thermohaline circulation Pohled do propasti “Jedná se o problém politický, o problém společenského uspořádání. A problém imaginace. Představit si jiný svět než ten, který nás vede do záhuby, si ani nedokážeme. A je to problém odvahy podívat se zpříma na nebezpečí v celé jeho obludnosti. Až v sobě najdeme odvahu uvědomit si, že dnes neexistuje nikdo, kdo by měl…


The methane emerges as huge clouds of bubbles rising through the water column. A process called ebullition. A farewell to Ice


Sea ice “This fascinating material is one of the most important substances on the planet, because of serious climte impacts associeted with its retreat. Tipping point for sea ice occurs when the summer melt rate versus winter growth rate bacomes such that all the first-year ice melts during the summer.   Then, no first-year ice…


219 MILIARD TUN V letech 2012 až 2017 zmizelo na Antarktidě 219 miliard tun za rok. 219 BILLION TONNES 219 billion tonnes per year disappeared in Antarctica between 2012 and 2017.


73 MILIARD TUN V letech 2002 až 2007, zmizelo na Antarktidě průměrně 73 miliard tun.   73 BILLION TONNES Between 2002 and 2007, an average of 73 billion tonnes disappeared in Antarctica.