The appreciation of beauty

Small things matter, as with climbing. Never giving up-fall down, get back up, and carry on. Just like rock climbing. It is a constant process. I think that the world si beautiful and that it can be saved by the appreciation of beauty.

To notice the beauty around us is important. Different people are facing a climate crisis in various forms. There are people who aren’t able to figure out the future of human kind, because they are focused on thinking about where they will live in a month or how to feed their children. Many of us have to face big existential problems.

Climate movements and activists should realize this. We shouldn’t remove our blindfolds and find the time to think about others views and thoughts. We all move throughout the system, wether we realize it or not. We have an effect on it in everyday life because of how we act and talk. If we want to overcome crisis, whether that is a political one, a climatic one or a social one, the change has to be applied to the political system, which is currently controlled purely by profit.


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