Alternative visions

My focus is on how to raise awareness about the drastic human impact on the environment and exploring alternative visions to create a more empathic relationship between humans and nature.


The relationship between people and land is the most treasured and unresolved idea in politics. I know that our planet cannot really multitask anymore. I also know that climate change is definitely not about littering or recycling. But I think that we all are responsible and we can at least, do our best to treasure our closest envinroment by keeping it as we have known it.

I try to bring this awareness through my art work but also through my job as a chef. We cannot keep the kinds of meals we have known and keep the planet we have known. “Saving the planet begins at breakfast” once I heard. Food is also an art form. Producing carbon-conscious menu is important part of my personal project. It has the same importance for me as creating watercolours of disappearing ice bergs.


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